QQML Journal

Today, I received a message from a colleague and LinkedIn connection, Anthi Katsirikou, PhD, MSc, regarding a new international, online, open-accessed, and peer-reviewed journal of QQML (Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries). Dr. Katsirikou is a professor at the Technological Educational Institution of Athens, Greece and co-chair of QQML. The first two issues of the journal have been published on the site and a third is expected in December. This is a quarterly journal.

The journal publishes mainly the QQML conference papers. The goal of the QQML Journal is to publish contemporary quality research that uses a variety of research methods. Furthermore, the journal accepts other types of papers, including: articles; reports; theses and dissertations; case studies; reviews; and more, on a variety of topics. An extensive list of topics can be found on the site. Also on the site, interested colleagues can find information about and submit to the 2013 QQML conference in Rome.

QQML Journal Website: http://qqml.net


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