The Eye Opener

Sometimes, the eye opener appears when you don’t expect it and can prove that the approach you always had may be right. I went to visit a very good friend of mine yesterday. He moved recently to an old house which he is renovating. I knew that he loves books but I was surprised when he started explaining to me his plans of turning one room in his house into a library. The idea is to build bookcases all around the room. When he was telling me about his plans, I was thinking of all the other plans created by the “saviors” of the libraries that included the elimination of the book due to digitization and lack of space. I have already discussed this issue in a previous post (“The Library of the Future”, December 14th 2012) and have made clear that I belong in the category of people who believe that the hybrid library is the future. A hybrid library will accommodate the people’s needs for space and collaboration, will keep the books as part of its future, and of course will provide as many materials as possible in a digital format. This friend of mine has nothing to do with our field but shows us how people feel about the book. Let me point out here that he is technology savvy but he does not reject the past. He does not ignore the need for the study and preservation of the past in order to appreciate the future. Btw, he loves history. The world around us shows us the way to the future but some people who consider themselves enlightened do not see it. The year is 2013 and……we’re moving on!


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