Getting Back to Basics, 21st Century Style

It is easy enough for individuals and groups to get caught up in the momentum of things and forget what their original goals were. That is one of the reasons that core mission statements are so important for organizations and institutions. Whatever the variations, one of the core missions of institutions of higher learning is to help students learn.

Institutions of higher learning have become, in many cases, places comprised of competing units that view their roles on campus as separate from other units within the organization.  Collaboration is nowadays a big buzzword in the world of pedagogy with the idea in mind that, by combining skills; perspectives; and ideas, groups can find innovative ways to enhance learning. This same concept might be well applied to university campuses where its employees are concerned: Groups that are formed outside of the standard units and which are comprised of members from all sorts of disciplines can come together, share their knowledge, perspectives, and skills to work towards the common goal of that common core goal of all institutions of learning which is to help students learn.  In this sort of scenario, librarians might be viewed as partners rather than service providers; a key member of a team that contributes his/her skills, knowledge, and perspective towards a common institutional goal.


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