Bringing the Mountain to Mohammed: I Love It!

Image What if you are traveling to or from France, but you don’t have time to make it to the Musée Rodin in Paris? Well, head over to Gate S4, Terminal 2E in the Charles de Gaulle airport –aka Roissy Airport– in Paris, France, to enjoy original works by Auguste Rodin. This exhibit will be on display until April 28, 2013. The Charles de Gaulle Airport, in cooperation with well-known museums of Paris, will offer two exhibits per year featuring great works of art, free of charge for passengers passing through Terminal 2E in the airport.

This brings me to thoughts about libraries and their special collections. Digital libraries are one way to “push” these treasures out to the public, but another way to think of promoting special collections is to lend them out for short periods of time to places and spaces where they can be seen and enjoyed by many more than just those visiting the library.

Some examples of items exhibited


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