Open Access and Copyright

I have discussed copyright a couple of times on this site. This is an ongoing topic and will continue providing debates for a very long time. The problem that the concept “copyright” creates has to do with our world’s approach. It seems that it has been set in stone that any type of free distribution of works will deprive their creators of their profits. This is one way of thinking about it. This way of thinking does not allow open access to expand as fast as we would want it to. This way of thinking has brought up the recent more strict copyright laws. Are there only creators behind this way of thinking. Of course not; creators are only the last part of the chain. Before and above the creators are industries, especially the Music and Film ones. They are the biggest problem because they exhibit the one way thinking mentioned above at its maximum.

We are still living in a primitive society, a weak construction based on money. This mentality does not allow us to see alternatives. Can open access exist for all works, including the newest ones, along with industries and creators’ rights of profiting from these works? The answer is simple and based on a different approach. There are three types of “consumers”, the ones who buy to possess, the ones who borrow and return, and the ones who do both, depending on the work and their interest in it. Is the second type of consumers so damaging to the industries and creators or the other two types can cover the loses from the second type? I will dare to say that there is enough purchasing going on to cover any potential loses from the “borrowing” type of consumers. Let’s not forget that part of this “borrowing” type are the students who need access to information as part of their studies. Stricter copyright laws or vendors’ greed will only harm these students and the education in its entirety. We need to consider the alternatives. Even if we allow everything to be accessed freely and immediately after its creation, there will still be a lot of purchasing to bring profit to the industries and creators.


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