Handling Properly Physical and Digital Items: An Early Age Educational Requirement

This discussion has one goal; to emphasize on the necessity to educate younger children on how to handle properly physical and digital items. The two categories have a completely different approach. Physical items handling has to do with taking care of a book or a CD, for example, while digital items handling deals with copyright. The two categories are discussed separately below.

We all know how young children (and older in some cases) mistreat books. It can be a constant effort and fight to convince a young child not to rip pages from a book or write in it. Even the specially made books for early ages cannot stop children from damaging them. This means that the effort must be focused on teaching the child to respect the book. Especially with library books, children must be monitored and constantly reminded that the book they hold in their hands is important to other people also, who should be allowed to have access to it. The same applies to video tapes, CDs, and DVDs, media that can be cracked easily. Educating children how to handle all these media should start in early ages in school and at home.

The new era has brought an increase of digital items and, along with it, a huge copyright issue. I have discussed copyright twice on this site. This discussion is about how to handle copyright. It is very easy to download anything from the web. Then, when we think that it is ok to use it anyway we please, we found ourselves into trouble dealing with a lawsuit. Adults don’t know; we cannot expect children to know. We can educate children to know. Children must learn to avoid pirate sites and know how far they can go with a downloaded item. I would not expect children to be able to distinguish right from wrong in every case. I would expect adults to teach them the big picture and then monitor them. The bottom-line is that, it is unacceptable to have so many examples of colleges students not knowing where the limit is and being sued by music and film producers for violation of copyright laws. Again, education must start early.


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