Google Forms Spice Up Wikis

I have explored using wikis and really appreciate how easy they are to use and their effectiveness as a teaching and learning tool.

Google Forms can enhance the learning experience. Online surveys, quizzes, and student assessments can easily be inserted into wikis by following a few short steps. To add a Google Form to a wiki follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Google account and then to Google Drive

  2. Click “Create” and choose a form option

  3. Choose the type of quiz that you would like to create, check boxes, multiple choice, etc.

  4. Click the second form button at the top right. Click “Embed” and copy the HTML code that is generated

  5. Go to your wiki and find the page where you would like to enter the form

  6. Go to the Widget tool in the toolbar and then look for “Other HTML”

  7. Paste the HTML embed code here and click “Save”



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