Prelude to a Visit to an Event Hosted by the Departmental Archives of France

Kierkegaard once said that life must be lived forward, but it can only be understood backward. A country’s national archives are treasures that can give us a greater understanding of our cultural and historical past.

Here in France, the various branches that make up the Les Archives Nationales de France, the French National Archives, document the rich, long history of arts, culture, language, genealogy, and more, that make up today what is known as the country of France. The archives are maintained under the authority of the Ministry of Culture.

The French National Archives also manage the archives within the many departments of France, numbering approximately one hundred. The archives of each department are physically located in the prefecture (something like a county seat) of each department. There are also sub-prefectures in which branches related to departmental archives exist.

Tomorrow night, I will explore an event that is to be hosted by the archives located in the city of Jonzac, France, a sub-prefecture of the main archival branch of the department of the Charente-Maritime that is located in the city of La Rochelle. Both cities are located in the south west region of France. The title of the lecture to be offered is Les personnes de couleur dans le Centre-Ouest et à Jonzac, entre Louis XIV et Napoléon, par Olivier Caudron, People of Color in the Center-West and in Jonzac in the period dating from Louis XIV to Napoleon, by Olivier Caudron.

The main site for the French National Archives can be found at

There is also a site for the regional branches of the French National Archives that can be found at the main site for the regional archives branch of the French National Archives at

The main site for the departmental archives for the Department of the Charente-Maritime can be found at

And finally, information related to the departmental archives of the Charente-Maritime that are located in the sub-prefecture of Jonzac can be found at

Stay tuned for more about the up and coming lecture hosted by the Departmental Archives of the Charente-Maritime, located in Jonzac, France.


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