The Worst of Times and the Best of Times

I had a sense of excitement and satisfaction when I recently came across an online article entitled The 9 Personalities Which are Changing the World.  Amidst all of the turmoil, all of the bad news, all of the struggles and darkness that now seem to blanket our planet Earth, there seems also to be something else taking place, though it is something that does not get media attention.

This article brings our attention to the “other” side of the tale, the other changes that are taking place around us, as we are all the while bombarded with stories about the coming end of the world and turmoil around the globe. These other changes taking place are more subtle. They are not boastful, nor are they glittery or glamorous. Maybe that is why they are receiving little attention at the present time.

The 9 Personalities Which are Changing the World article points out various emerging personality types of our times, and how they are helping to reshape the world we live in. As I read through the list of the personality types I think to myself of people I know who are contributing to the evolution of human consciousness through their light. Perhaps you will feel the same as you read through the article. Yes, there are more healers, initiators, protectors, catalysts, and so on. Some are public figures, some are our neighbors, some are people about town. Their numbers are growing, and so is their impact on the planet.

So, things are not all doom and gloom after all, though it surely may seem as much with a daily dose of news or a visit to the cinema these days. There is something else taking place all around, and it feels good to be reminded of that side of the story too.


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