The Channeling, A Spiritual Thriller in the Making

The basic gist of this entry is to introduce my readers to a story that will be told throughout some weeks.

The author of the story suggests that the story contains an important message that has been channeled to her over the course of several years. The message is important to everyone, though perhaps not everyone is ready to receive it at this point in time. If you find yourself reading this blog entry, then you are ready to receive it.

Please stay tuned for the next entry concerning The Channeling. 

A Walk on the Mindful Side

Tomorrow I am planning to take a “mindful” walk with a few students in my Introduction to Mindfulness class here in Palm Coast, Florida.

The thought occurred to me how interesting it is that we have to reteach ourselves how to connect with what simply is. We have become so lost over the years that we are not even aware just how unaware we are of the state of just being. The trees, the flowers, the sounds, the feel of the warm breeze, or cool breeze on our skin, the surrounding sounds of nature or man-made, are all just in a state of being. They don’t need commentary, judgment, or drama attached to them as we observe through our senses.

So, that is what we will practice together on our stroll tomorrow. We have the great fortune to have the permission to stroll on the grounds of a heavenly retreat area called Sleepy Hollow, where we will encounter horses, a butterfly garden, a pond, and other lovely places to experience along our stroll in this idyllic setting. However, one can enjoy a mindful walk in any place and at any time. This especially lovely setting is just a bonus for our class meeting.

Above are a few images of little cards that I will hand out before we begin our walk, courtesy of








The Worst of Times and the Best of Times

I had a sense of excitement and satisfaction when I recently came across an online article entitled The 9 Personalities Which are Changing the World.  Amidst all of the turmoil, all of the bad news, all of the struggles and darkness that now seem to blanket our planet Earth, there seems also to be something else taking place, though it is something that does not get media attention.

This article brings our attention to the “other” side of the tale, the other changes that are taking place around us, as we are all the while bombarded with stories about the coming end of the world and turmoil around the globe. These other changes taking place are more subtle. They are not boastful, nor are they glittery or glamorous. Maybe that is why they are receiving little attention at the present time.

The 9 Personalities Which are Changing the World article points out various emerging personality types of our times, and how they are helping to reshape the world we live in. As I read through the list of the personality types I think to myself of people I know who are contributing to the evolution of human consciousness through their light. Perhaps you will feel the same as you read through the article. Yes, there are more healers, initiators, protectors, catalysts, and so on. Some are public figures, some are our neighbors, some are people about town. Their numbers are growing, and so is their impact on the planet.

So, things are not all doom and gloom after all, though it surely may seem as much with a daily dose of news or a visit to the cinema these days. There is something else taking place all around, and it feels good to be reminded of that side of the story too.

The Little Gap With Big Possibilities

Have you ever read something that you connected with in an eerie sort of way? This has happened to me on various occasions throughout my life. I recall one such occasion when I first encountered Albert Camus’ Myth of Sisyphus back in my senior year in high school.

We had a substitute teacher who came in to take over the second half of the school year. Up until that point in my life, I had never encountered any formal introduction to philosophy, or any literary works that explored philosophical issues.

Our substitute teacher in question, Mrs. Bucarelli, introduced us to the philosophical notion of the absurd, and fictional literary works that represent its presence in fictional work: The Myth of Sisyphus, and The Stranger, by Albert Camus were the two works that we were assigned to read in connection with the topic at hand. The two works are a good introduction to the concept of the absurd, as twentieth century authors and philosophers such as Camus and his contemporary, Jean Paul Sartre, explored it.

The Myth of Sisyphus depicts a man, Sisyphus, who is condemned to all eternity to push a heavy rock up a hill, all the while knowing that his efforts will only result in the boulder rolling back down to its point of origin where the hero must begin his efforts all over again.  The idea is that life is absurd, pointless, and yet we are condemned to try to live it, despite the inherent senselessness of it all.

My teacher noticed how easily I understood the concept of the absurd as presented in the two works in question. I myself did not think much of my innate understanding at the time. It was a no brainer type of thing, as easy as knowing that the sun rises each morning.  Fortunately, this deep understanding of the absurd at such a young age did not traumatize me, perhaps because I somehow suspected that Camus’ explanation stopped short of something.

The little something that we did not consider in our exploration of Sisyphus’ fate was the little gap at the bottom of the hill. It’s a gap of repose, of stillness, that exists before he recommences his efforts to push the boulder back up the hill, and before the rock rolls back down to its point of origin.

Now I liken that little gap to the stillness that exists within all of us in between the busy moments of our lives. It’s the part that often goes completely unnoticed, has become completely overshadowed by all of our efforts, our resistance to what is, our incessant stream of thoughts, and our information overload in the world we live in.

So, when I pause today to consider this work that I first encountered so long ago, I like to especially consider the little moment that went unappreciated by Sisyphus and perhaps by many of its readers. The little gap in the efforts of Sisyphus offers a glimmer of hope, a place of resuscitation, a doorway, which offers an opening to a place of infinite possibilities. Taking notice of the little space between all of the efforts made by Sisyphus at the bottom of the hill is the beginning point for further exploration of the freedom that exists within that space.

My Bottled Water

I bought some bottled water the other day. It tasted good to me, but I have never been one to be able to detect “yucky” tasting water.

Then I wondered about the quality of the water that I had bought: Is it actually better than the tap water I get in my house? I found a site with a wealth of information on the subject and checked it out:

The Environmental Working Group

The water that I had purchased and have been drinking for a few days received a “D.” Not so good. I’ll try another brand next time. In the meantime, it is possible to learn more about your city’s water through this organization. I plan to do so myself. Maybe my city water is better, or just as good, as any that I pay extra for in a bottle.

In the meantime, here is to our health, à votre santé! 

“Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.”

~Slovakian Proverb